The Search & Selection partner for the commercial organization

We recruit for Sales, Marketing, Implementation, Customer Success, Customer Service and HR.
You need the best people in all seats!

Hammer Andersen

If you are looking for assistance in Denmark or the Nordics, then we can be of service.

Our expertise areas:

  • Recruitment for the commercial organization
  • Competence development for commercial teams!
  • Commercial effectiveness! 
Since 2006, we have recruited +1700 people. For many years our focus primarily was sales people and sales managers to all levels. Today we recruit for the full commercial organization; Sales, Marketing, Implementation, Customer Success, Customer Service and commercial oriented HR people.

To participate successfully in todays markets, it’s imperative that commercial functions works as integrated units to attract, develop and maintain customers. Companies must optimize the use of the total commercial resources and create commercial organizations that becomes a competitive advantage. 

Our customers are both top 500, and small to larger companies. We operate in all industries. We have solved engagements in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, UK, France, USA, Peru and Australia. 

Our offices are located in Copenhagen and Aarhus.

Recruitment — Search & Selection

Our profound commercial knowledge combined with many years of recruitment experience, enables us to provide a strong search and selection service, when our customers need to recruit commercial professionals ranging from new business developers, account managers, customer success managers, commercial knowledged HR people to CCO, CMO and CSO etc. We have recruited around +1500 professionals since 2006. We conduct a normal search & selection recruitment process, where we typically present 4 - 5 candidates after 4 - 6 weeks. 

We were appointed by customers as Denmarks best recruitment agency in Denmark in 2016 and 2017, and came in second in 2018 according to Supana.

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Competence development for Commercial teams!

We train and develop commercial organizations. We can typically improve results by 20 - 30%. Our training programs are customized. We deliver programs ranging from transactional to consultative sales processes. We also improve sales orientation within customer success and service organizations.

Commercial effectiveness!

We analyze, assess, and optimize commercial organizations. Typically critical business problems and challenges exist, that must be resolved and strengthened. We find it imperative that company goals are the foundation for effectiveness improvements within strategy, organizational structure, processes, management-, competence- and compensation systems.